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I stumbled upon Iwona's class - and it was no accident!  This 6 week class and the following 6 weeks of cooking classes were the beginning of regaining my health.  I started with adding a greens/fruit smoothie most mornings.  I then found that my sugar cravings had decreased - so I mindfully began to consume less sugar.  That then helped me to not be as tired - so next up I started to cook more and eat out less.   I began to eat more plant based meals, cooking up batches of brown rice, quinoa and lentils to be a base for various meals.  I also chose to eat gluten free and mostly dairy free next.  My body began to feel better, felt as if there was a decrease in inflammation. I was able to significantly reduce medication.

Blood work confirmed that it was not my imagination, my inflammation marker decreased from a measured 4.1 to 1.1 from March to early May! I look forward to continuing on this path, with the helpful support of Iwona I know that I will succeed!


D.H.   South Windsor, CT




Hi Iwona,


I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I learned from and enjoyed taking your Nutrition Immersion Class. Taking your class has been the best investment I have ever made in my health.  In the past, I have wasted a lot of time and money on Atkins, protein shakes and many of the pills they advertise on TV, with no lasting effects. It was amazing how much information you squeezed into those 6 weeks. I loved the way you presented everything, never preaching but just stating the facts, even though you did ruin some of my favorite foods for me (just kidding). I have been drinking smoothies daily since you made one in class (I think I may be addicted). I have read "Eat to Live" and have been on the 6 week plan, for the most part. It is a little restrictive, but there are many foods that you can eat all you want, so I'm never hungry. So far, I have lost 9 pounds and have had to cut a new hole in my belt to keep my pants up. I never realized till now that I could actually lose weight without starving myself. I am confident I can stay on this path, get to and stay at my ideal weight and hopefully in time get off my blood pressure medication.


 Thank you for helping me to open my eyes.


 Dave from Tolland CT






I have enjoyed the classes, both nutrition and nutrition cooking, immensely ! I will always be thinking about what I am buying, cooking and eating. You are such a wonderful teacher and friend. Thank you for always enlightening us for the sake of our health quality of life and longevity. You are an angel! I love you and thank you, my friend!!

Jan R. from Tolland CT




Hands On Nutrition - cooking classes

Iwona, just gotta tell you I loved last night’s class.  I thought I knew so much already, but you offered me a new perspective and made me realize there is still so much  to learn.  I think this is just the jump start I need to get back on a healthy track.  Can’t wait for next week! 

R. from Bolton CT




Testimonial from a Cancer Workshop:


I was enlightened and impressed with your conferance on Saturday.  You did a wonderful job presenting the information in a non threatening informative manner.  It certainly gave me 'food' for thought.  The videos and charts gave us a true understanding of what is going on in America when it comes to treatment of cancer and our right to decide what is best for our individual needs.  Going forward, we were given options to help in our own desire to ward off the big "C" in the future.

You did an exception presentation.  My hope is that many more people sign up to hear it in the near future.  Thank you.


Theresa Varsoke, Ballston Lake NY






Testimonial from a Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learn



So excited...I  have gotten all positive feedback from your lunch & learn!!  They appreciated your information and the way you delivered it!!  Word is getting around that the lunch & learns are informative and not boring (compared to last year)!!  People have told me that they went home and discussed what they learned with their families.  So....a big thank you to you!!  I am going to have more chairs set up for the next lunch & learn.




Testimonials from 6 week Immersion program and cooking classes


I know you've heard this before, but I've tried everything. Food combining, Weight Watchers,


Suzanne Somers, Atkins, French Women Don't Get Fat, HCG Injections, Protein Shakes, just to


name a few. Let's not forget exercise! Running, spinning, Pilates, yoga, cardio, lifting. Get the


picture? As the end of the year approached, I was heavier than ever, having daily headaches,


and literally felt like this was it. I'm just going to be a fat, grouchy, middle aged woman. A


neighbor had taken Iwona's class and mentioned it to me. Then I saw one of her signs and


emailed her. We met and talked and I got so excited to take her class. I started the 6 weeks with


the hopes of losing some weight and getting some things clear in my head. It turned out to be so


much more than that. The best word that comes to mind is revolution. It has revolutionized my


health, my life, and my families health. This sums it up for me, Thomas Jefferson said " The


doctor of the future will give no medicine, but interest her or his patients in the care of the


human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." Iwona's class did


this for me. My lifestyle has changed not because of a fad or a trend, but because I am


educated now and it's easy to make educated choices that have positive outcomes.


M. from Tolland CT



Testimonial from Nutrition Immersion abd cooking classes


I recently participated in Iwona’s 6-week Nutrition Immmersion class, followed by the 6-week cooking class as well as a Detox Class.  I went into the class to learn more about nutrition and how it affects our physical and mental well being.  The Immersion class was so much more than I expected.  Iwona has a talent for presenting information in a clear, comprehensive way and uses analogies that everyone can understand.  The material presented is informative and well documented with reliable facts and resources.  The best part of the entire experience, for me anyway, is Iwona’s relaxed approach.  It is quite clear how Iwona feels about modern society’s eating habits but at no point does she pressure you to make changes.  If you choose to make changes to your eating habits (trust me you WILL want to) support is offered at any time.  The first step is taking the cooking class offered after the Immersion class.  It is critical in showing you how to slowly transform your current eating habits into healthier options.

Up until I started taking the Immersion class I was neurotic about recording every morsel that past my lips and every bit of exercise I did.  Aside from feeling healthier than I have in a long time, my focus has improved, weekly headaches have all but vanished and I am nearly back to the weight I was in high school without the above time consuming activities (I do still exercise!).

I can’t say enough about how 12-weeks have transformed my life and continues to do so on a daily basis. It is not always easy, but I’m confident that when I have questions Iwana will be there willing to guide me.  My only hope is that I can share this information with others and help them on a journey to better health and happiness!

 TF, Tolland



I am so enjoying your classes there is so much I never

really had no idea about.  Everyone should be required

to take classes like this.


Thank you, for sharing all your knowledge it has really opened

my eyes.

D.S. Tolland CT




 Just to add to the confirmation that I am on the right path,  had my physical

today, and my Cholesterol dropped 70 points and my BP is down15 points since
my last visit. 
As an aside, my husband (without changing his he thinks), had to get
all new pants...went down 2 pant sizes.  Gradual changes are so much better than drastic ones.






I would like to thank you for helping me on a better path.  22 pounds and counting.  Although I'm not overly concerned with the weight, its my attitude that I'm pleased with.

T.P.,  Tolland CT




 I began Iwona's Nutrition class not knowing what to expect.  Well, it totally
changed my relationship with food, I lost 10 lbs with no set intention to do so,
and have made changes in my diet that I've considered for years.
 I eat as much
as I want and feel satated.
The theory part of class was extremely informative and Iwona is so sharing with
websites, U tube info, and anything else she has, to enhance learning.  Her approach,
which I love, is to provide information so each person can make informed choices that
are right for them.
Iwona is THE BEST.  She cares, is knowledgeable and passionate about her work,
shares openly, is fun, and provides information at a level for clear understanding.

Loved the first set of classes, but the cooking part of the program really helped
me to make the transitions I wanted to make.  By sharing what I have learned, and
continue to learn, my hope is that my family will also continue to benefit.

S.J., Willington CT





Just had to send you a note and let you know that today I saw a number I have not seen in five years on my scale!  Yipeeee!  I totally get your analogy of the bird hitting the window over and over again. I feel like I have found the opening to that window, finally!

Thank you for showing me the way!
Looking forward to class next week!

J.Z.,   Tolland CT




 "Iwona has created a wonderful atmosphere for learning about nutrition-and life. I now see out the same window as she does, I fiercely read every label before I buy, I keep my new food pyramid on the refrigerator and I have a new appreciation for vegies. I'm a kale lover for life! Thanks Iwona!"


Kate Lynch

 Storrs, CT  





 I enjoyed the class and thought the information was well communicated. The mix of lecture style presentation and video clips kept the pace of the class interesting. I also liked that the powerpoint and videos complimented each other to reinforce the information. I was able to retain alot more of the information this way.

I have learned so much from this information. I have struggled with what I would consider a sugar addiction for most of my adult life. Learning more about nutrition has helped me to make better choices. I am learning how to cook differently and add more grains and vegtables to my diet. Specfically juicing has opened up a whole new way to get these nutrients into my body. I now crave juices and not sugar! I am still making small changes everyday and I feel like I have much more to learn. I look forward to using this information to continue my journey away from sugar.


C.,   Tolland CT




Your class was an eye opener in so many ways for me.  What I wanted was to expand my food knowledge and how to make my family live a healthier life.  My kids face a life with some good and bad family factors.  My father unfortunately suffered from a genetic disease (named after a German doctor very rare) with similar symptoms as MS. To add insult to injury he had the heart disease factor as I now have.  He died when my son was nine months old.  My husband's parents are are obese and have diabetes.  So my goal is to teach my kids better than my mom taught me (which I feel was very good as we never had processed food).  So with that being my goal I was quite shocked to realize while I knew some but nothing like I now know. 


Since I have already been eating more vegetables and fruit and less meat and dairy before the class, I haven't seen much change in that.     BUT, I have added spinach, collard greens, kale, bok choy, beans, lentils and quinoa!  Today I added spinach to the kids salad and wait until their bowls where completely emptied to tell them!    I can say since I started changing my diet last January to what I eat is a 70 % fruit/vegetable, 10 % potato/rice, 10 % dairy and 10 % meat/chicken I have lost 40lbs, lowered my blood pressure and lowered my cholesterol to 150.  If my BP and cholesterol levels remain the same (they have been unstable for the past 2 1/2 yrs) next June I will be off those meds! Yeah me! 

Other benefits I have found no bloating during my period, no mood swings, reduction in my sweet tooth, no cravings and no binge eating!  My son grew 3 inches and lost 6 lbs and my daughter dropped a pants size!  Your class for me was to keep me going down this path!  Tonight at dinner I even gave a little lecture on food labels!  My husband was quite surprised about sugar and salt in everything as well as the different names of MSG.  

           For me I would not change the class or the way you presented it.  While the some subject matter ( the dairy class) was overwhelming and a lot to absorb you should not change it.  The facts are what they are.  As far as being boring lets just say I was shocked when I finally looked down at my watch and found that it was noon time!  The time flew by for me.
I am so looking forward to the second six weeks.  I feel our class was a great class.  We talked, compared notes and had some open discussions!  I look forward to putting the food to work for us!






 Even though I had an idea that I was not eating nutritionally well enough, this class educated me on just how much I was not.  The material presented really struct home and reinforced the benefits of eating more vegetables, fruits & grains. 

I had no migraines this month.  I usually get a migraine once a month that last about 2 to 3 days with one of days consisting of me being on the couch.  I usually have night sweats for about a solid week and half to two weeks and I have only experienced mild night sweats 2 nights so far this month.  The only thing I changed was I added more dark greens, fruit, nuts and reduced my dairy intake.  I am also sleeping better.

I like the information.  For me it reinforced the value of eating the way you suggested.  It educated me on why I should eat this way, the benefits and how food affects our body.


Thank you I really enjoyed the class and it has inspired me to eat healthy/nutritionally better without even really trying.  I just started to do it.

 M.,  Tolland CT





I can't believe that the class is over.  I have learned so much and still feel as if I don't know anything.  The classes were so interesting that the evenings flew by.  I personally want to continue to learn more and will continue with your next 6 week class. 


I have been looking for someone like your for over a year and I sincerely believe that you are the guardian angel that God put in my path.  This class has made me aware of so many things that I couldn't even image were possible.  My family and I have made small changes so far, but we will be making many more now that we are aware of what is in our food.  I have to admit that about 95% of the content of the class I had never heard before. At times I felt very overwhelmed by all the information and felt that there was no way that I can make all the necessary changes.  I realize that making the necessary changes to our diet is not an option but something that we have to do so that my family can begin to feel better and eventually be able to stop taking such strong medicines. 


Iwona I really appreciate the approach you used in your classes because you never told us what to eat and not to eat, but instead made us aware of how companies do business and the effects that their business practices are having on our health.  Before this class I didn't even know the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian and thought that they were a little paranoid about food.  Now I realize that they are very informed and that I have so much more to learn.  You are a very special individual that truly cares about the individuals in your class.  I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family and the sacrificies you and your family have made to enable you to teach these classes so that we can live healthier lives.  I am looking forward to the next six weeks of classes and learning how to cook healthier.  Thank you for everything and for giving so much of yourself.







 I started having problems with sugar, and I was tired of using medication. I was looking for answers and I found them in your class about nutrition.. I'm so thankful  to all the knowledge I found trough your I KNOW what to eat and what not to eat ...It was so amazing all the information you give  us..... Thank You for all your help.


W, West Hartford




Your class was very eye-opening. I have been staying away from all milk products and working hard to reduce salt since the beginning of your class. I have noticed less arthritis pain, have lost a few pounds, and feel more energetic overall.


I thought that because I did not eat meat that I had a healthy diet, but learned that I had some work to do. As a result, I have increased the amount and variety of veggies that I consume. I am also more careful in reading product labels. Basically, if an item has a long list of unfamiliar ingredients, I do not buy it.


Your class was interesting, informative, and definitely not boring. I look forward to the next session.


Pat W.  




I have made many changes to my food and lifestyle, most notably cutting back on the amount of meat and dairy products I eat and feed to my family, and I have introduced more vegetables and different varieties of vegetables to our diet.  I have also been drinking "green smoothies" in the morning.  I have personally noticed results, particularly that I have a general sense of well being, and I believe I am sleeping better.  I also have lost a few pounds (without trying!). 

I also have been shopping differently and have been purchasing more "natural", whole food, and some organic products, and focusing on introducing veges to my family that have high nutritional value (kale) and continuing to feed them more of the nutritionally beneficial veges they are used to eating (onions, garlic, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, beets).  My children were not too accepting of the changes, but i personally that is a "teenage boy" attitude and would react the same if I introduced any other significant lifestyle change (particularly since I never bought much "junk food" like chips, packaged snacks, etc. and now I hardly buy any).  My son did tell me tonight that he loved the pomegranate send and wants me to get more...  They do understand the reason for the changes, particularly when I explain why I'm making the specific choices.

L., Tolland CT




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