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Steamed-Roasted baby potatoes

Potatoes get a bad rap because most people eat them as either french fries, potato chips or loaded with butter, heavy cream, sour cream or bacon. Another way to "mess up" this great food is to bake it or roast it with oil. Oil adds more inflammation in the body, makes the blood more sticky and quickly adds a lot of calories.

Potatoes are actually very healthy, satisfying, not processed and relatively low in calories ( roughly 100 calories for a medium potato)

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This simple way of making potatoes adds no other calories and keeps the potatoes healthy and tasty.

  • Baby potatoes washed and steamed.

  • I use a pressure cooker intant Pot and absolutely love it.

  • I put potatoes in the pressure cookes with a bit of water and spices ( I use a no salt seasoning- Mrs Dash or any other will do- just variety of herbs and spices)

  • I set the pressure cooker for 6 minutes.

  • While I steam the potatoes, I preheat the oven for roast at 400 degrees.

  • Once the steaming is done, I take potatoes out ( leave the water behind) and place them on glass baking dish and roast them for 10-15 min, turning gently.

  • They will get crunchy on the outside while remaining soft and moist on the inside.

  • Sprinkle fresh parsley or dill on top

  • Enjoy

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