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Healthy Pile of Stuff

Could I make this dish even healthier? Sure... I could add onion, garlic and mushrooms... and make this an ANTI-CANCER bomb. But I had limited time tonight and I was not in the mood to shed any tears... so this dish came about in about 17 minutes.

I usually pre-bake potatoes ( several ) once a week and then use them in diferrent dishes for dinner and lunches for kids thoughout the week. So tonight they came in very handy already baked. It allowed me to put this meal together in a short time and not have to comprimise on nutrition value.


4 pre-baked small potatoes

4 large leaves of kale- stripped from the stem and ripped into small pieces

3 cups of spinach

1 bunch of asparagus

1 can of Garbanzo beans ( I use Eden Organic)

1/2 can Black beans ( Eden Organic)

Vegetable broth for sauteing

spices of your choice- I used Mrs Dash no salt Mexican spices

1 TBSP of hummus

Saute greens and asparagus with vegetable broth till bright green and soft. Add cut up potatoes, beans and spices, mix together, lower heat and cover. When everything is hot, add hummus, mix gently and allow it to coat the veggies and potatoes. Serve hot.

Between this dish and a tortilla soup ( only 10 min - I love my Vitamix) my son had asked me why I don'topen a restaurant. It's a best comlipment a mother could ask for especially since this came from 10 year old boy who eats kale, beans and asparagus with a smile on his face and often asks for seconds.

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