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How it Works


These workshops can be set up in 2 ways:


  • Lunch and Learn events once a month (or more often if requested), usually paid for by the employer.  Employee participation might be mandatory or voluntary.  These classes focus on several topics on nutrition and health promotion.

  • Lunch time smaller group workshops weekly or bi-weekly, usually paid for by participants. These classes will be more specific to individual issues and can be set up as a support group for weight loss/health improvements/lifestyle changes.


Both types of workshops are set up as strong educational programs rooted in science and proven by multiple studies.




​As the employees' health improves, the cost of healthcare will likely decrease due to less frequent doctors' visits and possibly decreasing medications.  The productivity will increase as employees understand how to consume foods with best energy return. Additionally, healthier people make for better employees.


Sample topics


1) Sugar

2) Detox

3) Nutrient density vs. calorie density

4) Food as energy

5) Understanding nutrition labels

6) Food addictions/cravings

7) Anti-inflammatory diet    

8) Green smoothie/green juice class

9)  Healthy breakfast class

10) Food combining for good digestion      

11) Processed foods - what are we missing?

12) Organic foods

13) GMOs


Hire me


If you would like me to come to your workplace and set up a wellness program at your company, please connect me with your HR representative and I will be happy to bring my knowledge and talents to you and your colleagues.   Email or call for prices.

347-255-1119    cell

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