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Hello,  I am very glad you have found me.


Let me introduce myself - my name is Iwona Leger.  I married a wonderful man 15 years ago and we are blessed with two magnificent children.  My life is continuously blessed with the most amazing learning opportunities.  Although some blessings show up disguised as troubles and obstacles, life always works out just exactly the way it should. Being a wife, a mother and a holistic health coach feeds my soul and makes my heart sing.


My Health Coaching practice evolved organically from my own quest for healing, disease prevention and health promotion.


My journey to where I am today has been a long one and filled with lots of adventures.  When I graduated with a nursing degree in 2000, I was happy to have picked a profession of helping others in such a wonderful way.  I was literally “touching people’s lives”. 


Over the following 10 years, my understanding of the limitations of the medical system in regards to chronic disease management as well as lack of financial incentives to focus on true prevention and health promotion has guided me on the path of nutrition and lifestyle corrections.  I first applied what I was learning to myself with fantastic health results.  My immediate family came next and then my parents and siblings have followed. 


My passion for proper nutrition and health has grown over the last few years and evolved into my life’s purpose.  I have left the medical field and trained  to be a Certified Health Coach.  After attending countless conferences, seminars, lectures and educational events, I am now sharing what I have learned with others.  

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What I do


I focus on education and understanding of relationship between health and foods we eat.  My mantra in my practice is “Let The Food Love You Back”. 


Various forms of education I provide:


  • Nutrition Immersion 6 week programs


  • Cooking classes (offered only to those who completed the 6 week program)


  • ​Advanced Nutrition Classes


  • Preventing and understanding common chronic diseases and disorders


  • Corporate Wellness Classes


  • Individual Coaching


  • Group Coaching


  • Family Coaching


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Why I do it


I do it because I cannot  NOT do it. 


When my passion evolved from a hobby to my life’s purpose, I was open to receiving and recognizing the gifts I was given.  I realized that I am a very effective communicator of rather complex and confusing information. 


Combining the science background from my nursing experience with the nutrition education has allowed me to touch and empower countless people to live their best lives. 


I have found my place in this world and I am very blessed to share what I know from the place of total peace and contentment.


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My Education/Experience


I have received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Hunter College in New York City and a Master’s degree in Nursing Education from University of Hartford. I worked in the nursing field for 10 years and my experience ranged from small community hospitals to large trauma centers.


 I have completed a Health Coaching Certification program at Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and attended several conferences, seminars, expos, classes, and workshops in order to expand on my nutrition knowledge. 

I stand on shoulders of several amazing individuals who devoted their lives to educating people on importance of food and lifestyle changes. 


My huge thanks go to Dr. T Collin Campbell, Dr. Coldwell Esselsyn, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. Joel Furhman, Dr.Thomas Lodi, Jeff Novick RD, Rip Esselstyn,  Jeff Nelson, John Robbins, and many others. 

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